Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions by non-technical people about how to do technical things.

It’s our mission to ensure that we answer as non-technically as possible. If you’re unsure about anything at all have a look through these frequently asked questions first. If the answer isn’t below then have a quick search in our Knowledgebase (which we add to regularly).

If the answer isn’t there then you can submit a ticket in the client area if you’re an existing customer.

Do I have to have an afro to use AfroDigital?

Good question. And the short answer is no.Imagine if you could only fly British Airways if you were British? And just think; how many passengers would be eligible to fly with Virgin Atlantic? So, no – you don’t have to have an afro to use any AfroDigital service. We just like love afros is all!

What exactly is a domain name?

A domain name is the main part of an Internet address. It is the last part after the @ sign in an email address. Examples of famous domain names are or Other famous domain names are and last.fmIt is important to understand that www is not part of a domain name, that is sub-domain. The domain name is the main unique part of the address just before the TLD (see below for the definition of a TLD).Anything before the domain name is a sub-domain. So when you see or, then www and mail are sub-domains of the domain

What is a TLD and which should I choose?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. It is the letters that follow the domain name, and we usually call it the extension. For the TLD is .com, and for it is .uk

There are different types of TLDs:

  1. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)
    For example .com .org these are typically used for global organisations
  2. Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)
    For example .uk for the United Kingdom, .br for Brazil, .za for South Africa
  3. Unsponsored Top Level Domains (uTLD)
    For example .biz and .info are used for various different services

The choice of TLD is really down to your preference. Originally .com was intended for international commercial companies whereas (now being replaced by .uk) was intended to represent companies with interests in Great Britain. You may find that the most popular domain names are already taken for the most popular TLD’s.

However, everybody in the world will be able to see your website regardless of which TLD you use and it doesn’t make a huge difference for SEO (although it is a small factor). All things being equal, search engines will prefer a local domain where possible, so if you are in the UK you would more likely see or domains at the top of results if every other factor was equal.

Registering several types of domain name can be a good idea though, as it stops other people from registering your name and leaves it ready for you to use either right away or in the future.

Should I register my domain with several TLD's?

This was considered good practice in the early days of the Internet.

Businesses were advised (particularly by domain registration companies, for whom it directly benefited) to register the .com,, .net and every other possible form of their domain name and this practice still goes on today.

You don’t really need to do this, just register the one you need. If you feel better registering the .com and variants then by all means go ahead and do so but it’s really not necessary

If I register a domain, is it mine for life?

When you register a domain it is usually registered for an initial period of either one or two years (most domains are registered in one year blocks).

SEO ADVICE: Even though you can register most domains for a year at a time, be aware that search engines generally don’t favour domains that are registered for just one year. Even if you register your domain for two years it is important to renew and extend it by a year each time it falls to less than one year remaining.

At AfroDigital we operate an auto renewal policy designed to ensure continuity of service, which means that at the end of the initial registration period we will renew automatically for a further registration period. However, if you no longer need the domain name you can of course cancel before this happens.

What the hell is a nameserver, and why do I need to change it?

This bit is quite complex.

A nameserver is a server that manages the addresses for a domain and tells other servers on the Internet where to find all the services for a domain. Here’s an example:

The main nameservers for AfroDigital are called and These servers hold all the information about the IP addresses of all AfroDigital Internet services. Think of it as a sort of directory enquiries for the Internet.

Whenever anybody anywhere in the world (like you) needs to access something related to AfroDigital on the Internet their computer will ask a server near them (called a DNS server – usually their ISP’s DNS server) what is the correct address to use.

If you send us an email your computer will ask the nearest DNS server what is the address for the AfroDigital email server. If you type our website address into your web browser the DNS server needs to go and find out the address for our web server. Eventually (like in 0.00003 seconds) that DNS server, having done its research, will be told it has to ask or for the information because they are the nameservers for AfroDigital.

Your DNS server then connects to or (there are always two nameservers which are kept in sync; in case there’s a problem with one, the other can give out the addresses) and either of them will tell your DNS server the IP address it needs. Then your DNS server tells your computer, and your computer says thank you, and connects to the AfroDigital service you were looking for in the first place. All this is supposed to take place in less than 0.01 seconds or so. Imagine, all that happened to get you here reading this.

Now here’s the thing. When your domain is registered with us all your domain’s addresses are stored on our nameservers. For this reason, during the domain registration process you should leave the Nameservers boxes as they are, they are already set to the correct settings for most of our customers. The boxes are there for advanced users who might need or want to do all sorts of flashy, somersaulty, backflippy acrobatics with their domains. Because they’re show-offs. Step aside, give them plenty of room.

But, and I know it’s a lot to take in but bear with me, here’s another thing. When you already have a domain that is registered with a different company but you want to use AfroDigital for your web space you need to make a decision. Do you leave your domain registered with the other company or do you transfer the domain to AfroDigital? Honestly, it’s up to you. There are pros and cons to each.

If you transfer the domain to us, everything will be in one place, the nameservers will change to ours and you will only have one set of control panels etc. But the transfer process, though easy, is a bit tricky to get your head around if you’ve never done it before.

If you decide to leave the domain registered with the other company (which is completely fine – and is the simpler option) then you will need to login to your control panel at the other company and change your nameservers on their system from theirs to ours so that our servers can tell the world where all your stuff is. Phew! Still with me? Good.

So now you know exactly what to choose when you get an option like the one below, right?

Registering a domain with Afrodigital

Registering a domain with AfroDigital

I hope so, because explaining that was like going to the dentist!

How long does a domain take to register?

Your account with AfroDigital is activated instantly and you will receive an email immediately with your login details. Once you have chosen and registered your domain(s) they are registered instantly.

However, it sometimes takes up to 12-48 hours for all the servers across the internet to know about your new domain name. This means that while you might be able to access your domain, your next door neighbour might not if he/she is using a different Internet Service Provider.

The email you get from us will also give you information about temporary addresses you can use to view your site until the time that all other servers on the Internet have been updated.

Am I in full control of my domain and web space?

Completely. Like 1000%. Once you register you get access to your AfroDigital account Dashboard which gives you access to all your services registered with us. You can add, edit, delete, cancel or move any service to or away from us whenever you like, without even having to ask us, or talk to us. We’re completely transparent so if you need our help to do so we’ll assist in every way we can.

However, If you’re moving away, we’d really like to know why you’ve chosen to leave us, and if we’ve done something wrong we’d like to be able to fix it and hopefully change your mind.

You also get a cPanel control panel which is one of the most fully featured and advanced web service control panels available. You’ll have full FTP access to your web space, DNS settings, nameservers, cron jobs, raw stats, everything. We like to think that you’re responsible enough to take control of your online property. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and we know you will wield your power with respect and restraint. After all, it’s your web property, not ours.

How much do you charge for self-hosted WordPress design?

Our prices are very transparent. Take a look at our WordPress Website Design page for all the details on this

What payment options do you offer at AfroDigital?

We offer PayPal and 2Checkout to accept digital and debit/credit payments. You can use your debit/credit card via 2Checkout.

We also offer bank transfer and direct debit for recurring services like domain names or maintenance support packages.

How do I pay using my debit/credit card?

We do not take debit/credit card payments directly on our site because we think it’s safer for you if we don’t store this information on our servers. 2Checkout handles your debit/credit card payment on our behalf and your details remain safe. See the image below for an idea of the payment page (click to enlarge it)

Paying with your debit/credit card using 2Checkout

Paying with your debit/credit card using 2Checkout

So it's safe to pay with my debit/credit card on the AfroDigital site?

Yes, it’s 256% safe. As explained above, we don’t actually ask for or store your card details as payments you make are handled by 2Checkout. When you make a payment, you will be taken to their site to process your payment.

However, for added safety, our entire website is encrypted with a 256bit SSL Certificate, the same way as your online banking or other shopping sites. This ensures information you enter into our site, such as your username and password, address details and other sensitive data is protected between your computer and our servers.

Which currencies can I use to make a payment?

We accept payment in Great British Pounds £GBP, European Union Euros €EUR and United States Dollars $USD.

Our prices are set in GBP and the EUR / USD prices are checked and updated against our currency exchange partner twice a day. Look for the currency selection option at the top right or bottom right of payment pages. It is either marked by the three-letter currency code or the official flag of the currency nation/federation.

What's the difference between AfroDigital and the bigger players?

They’re just bigger. Very much bigger. They offer more services and can do many more things at once. They can also be very impersonal and complacent about your business. We’re not. As a small business we understand the issues you’re facing on a day-to-day basis and we focus our energy on trying to make your web easier for you rather than pleasing shareholders.

What happened to paying for web hosting on a monthly basis?

Unfortunately we withdrew this option as it was very underused. Customers who are subscribed to hosting plans in this way may continue to pay monthly but new hosting services are offered on a yearly basis only.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you decide our web hosting service doesn’t suit your needs you can cancel your account at anytime within 14 days of your sign-up date and request a refund. We will refund your web hosting payment to us.

We cannot refund any domain registration charges and these remain yours until the expiry date even after you cancel your account with us. Our refund policy does not extend to web design/development projects.

If you decide to cancel within 14 days and have registered a domain with us, please ensure you have started the transfer process to move the domain name to another provider.

Please view our refund policy for full details.

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